Top Tips

Our top tips to help you choose the right company

  • Never sign a quotation – Ask why it is necessary to sign a quotation. This is more than likely a ploy to get you to sign a legally-binding contract.

  • Make sure your guarantee is for a minimum period of ten years and that it is fully comprehensive and transferable.

  • Make sure your fascia boards are BBA approved and insist on seeing the certificate.

  • Make sure you see the company’s public liability insurance certificate.

  • Make sure the company is a member of the Trusted Traders scheme.

  • It is essential to make sure that the materials are replaced and simply not over-clad. Make sure you get this in writing.

  • If you feel under any pressure to sign an order when a salesman is in your home just thank him for his time, be firm, and tell him you will be in touch when you have had time to think it over.

  • If he does not leave just threaten to call the police.

  • Ask to see locally installed work that the company has done.

  • If you still can’t decide which company to use, ask your friends and family who they would recommend.

  • If you are fed up of being pestered at meal times or when you want to relax remember there is the Telephone Preference Service  0845-070-0707. The Telephone Preference Service can fine offenders £5000, so this is an effective deterrent.

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