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The pitfalls of overcladding

The Timber fascia had completely rotted away.

The old fascia was completely saturated and the rot had penetrated into the timber joists behind.

Note the seedling that has just taken hold too!

A full inspection of all surrounding joists was therefore required to ensure that no further hidden damage had been done.

This is a clear warning as to the hazards of over-cladding and to the risk of employing inexperienced fitters.

Continuous Aluminum Guttering Problems

Note the extra down pipe installed into the aluminium gutter.

As there is no suitable connectors for continuous aluminium gutters the down pipe is simply placed into a hole and crudely sealed with silicone. This also applies to the stop end part of the guttering.

As you can see below, the gutter is very flimsy so numerous brackets are required to fix it to the fascia board.

This makes it extremely difficult to clean out,  and this type of gutter needs to be installed absolutely level with no fall or slope, so the build up of debris is exacerbated.

The photograph shows how debris can quickly build up to block the gutter.

Here you can see the flimsy side of the product and all the fixing brackets.

Whoops my window won’t open! .. Note the fascia board has been cut out