Dry Verge

By Derbyshire Fascias

Dry verge caps is the term used to describe the mechanical fixing of the roof perimeter without the use of mortar. Traditional mortar bedding is still the most widely used fixing method in England and Wales, in contrast to Scotland, where 80% of roofing is already mechanically fixed.

However, the increased incidence of storms over the last few years has clearly highlighted the unreliability of mortar.

The gradual switch to Dry verge roofing in Britain looks set to gather greater momentum. Considering all the advantages, it is not difficult to see why.

The roof is the most exposed part of any building. Differential movement causes mortar to crack and no reliance should be placed on its tensile or shear strength. The action of frost and rain will exploit the development of hairline cracks, and will inevitably lead to future maintenance.

The installation of Dry verges and ridges eliminates the need for mortar pointing.